Top 10 Reasons to Join TTI

Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Join a Member-Managed Fund like Ticker Tape Investments:

10.  Unbiased Investment Advice – Members suggesting investments will be investing with you, which gives more credibility to their advice.

9. Access to “Sweetheart” Deals – Because of the nature of the group, we get invited to invest in deals that are not generally available to the public, and we typically get better terms.

8. No management fees – All of your capital goes to work for you, and because there is no incentive for the fund to “manage” more money, the fund will only invest in the best opportunities.

7. Business development opportunities – Join a group of professionals who work in different industries, and leverage those connections in your business and personal life.

6. Leverage your time – You can make more investments with the same time commitment, because you can rely on the due diligence efforts of other Members with relevant industry experience to review deals you normally would not have time to evaluate.

5. Leverage your capital – You can participate in more deals with the same amount of capital.

4. Access to a team of experts – Get expert opinions about investments in industries you do not have experience with.

3. Ability to invest in riskier deals – Members can take advantage of higher return opportunities without worrying about losing their entire investment.

2. See more deals in the marketplace – Unlike most funds, you will get to see all the deals that come to TTI, which gives you more opportunities and more information about the marketplace.

1. Fun and camaraderie of investing with the group – TTI has a team mentality, and the group will work together to evaluate opportunities.

We think we have created something special that will improve our investment returns and increase the fun we have while investing in private deals.

Information about a few of the opportunities we plan to invest in are below.

We Were on the Radio

The Wall Street Shuffle:  A Dallas radio show for investors interviewed Tom Schmidt about our unique concept. Check it out by clicking here.

Generic Cancer Drug

Drug Development Investment: We are currently evaluating a potential investment in a company that has developed a generic form of the $500 million per year cancer drug, Doxil.  The Company also has a patented drug delivery process that it plans to develop.  The Fund anticipates that it will make an investment in this company.

Real Estate Opportunities

A Key Component of our Portfolio: We intend to make several real estate investments.  Multi-family housing, a resort development, a major rebuild of a small midwestern city, and office buildings are all deals we are currently evaluating.

OnBoard Tours

Preferred Equity: The Company has purchased preferred shares in OnBoard Sightseeing Tours.  This investment offers a significant dividend while waiting for the sale of the Company or an IPO.  Check out OnBoard Tours here.

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