South Beach Miami Hotel Investment

Some of the Ticker Tape partners invested in a hotel in South Beach, Miami. The bank that financed the hotel has requested that the partnership increase its cash reserve in light of the COVID pandemic, and some of the investors would rather liquidate at a loss than incur the new capital call.

As a result, we are going to purchase between 3% and 9% of the partnership for less than 50 cents on the dollar. We believe there is significant equity in the property and that when it sells in 2-3 years, we believe we will receive somewhere around 3 or 4x our money back.

Call Rita at 832-459-7335 to get more info. Or, you can attend our live webinar by Clicking Here.

Truly gorgeous at night. The views from the pool are great.
Lobby and Breakfast Area
Example of a room.
Bar area in the lobby.