Palantir Technologies

Some of the Ticker Tape Members are investing in Palantir Technologies before its direct public listing. We have created a single-purpose entity.

Text Rita ASAP if you want to participate. 832-459-7335.

Watch our investor info presentation: Register and watch it here.  

The company is growing rapidly. Analysts have highlighted the company’s increasing margins, declining losses, rapid growth, and higher revenue from new customers as bullish tailwinds.  We love the company’s long-term contracts with solid customers.  And the technology is akin to wizardry, allowing mankind to do things we’ve never been able to do before.

Here are some links to articles about the company…

Watch: If Palantir can maintain 49% growth, they’re on the right track: Manhattan Venture Partners’ Rao

 Space Force is using Palantir!  Space Force boldly goes to Silicon Valley to get a software boost

IPO shares are up a surprising 60% this year with big debuts expected

The word on the street is that there is huge demand for Palantir’s stock when it goes public in 12 days.  We got some new info this week on our pre-listing purchase, including:

- We negotiated our price down to $17.25 from $18.50.

- We watched other deals hit the market selling shares for between $18 and $35 per share.

- 20% of the shares we buy will be liquid on Sep 23, and the other 80% have to be held until Palantir reports its 2020 earnings in February or March of 2021.

- The dividend associated with our Series B Preferred shares doesn't affect anything because it was only relevant if the company declared a dividend or was acquired by a third party.

- All of our sources are pointing to significant pent-up demand for Palantir's shares in the public market.  The excitement is palpable.
Palantir is based in Denver, Colorado