How TTI Works

Ticker Tape Investments is a group of experts in multiple industries who invest in deals together.  Unlike a private equity or venture capital fund, there are no managers and NO FEES.  Unlike an investment club, each Member invests money in the LLC, and then the LLC invests in multiple opportunities.  All investment decisions are made by the group, by a 2/3 majority vote.  Members choose whether to contribute to each deal, so you control where your money gets invested.

 The idea is to diversify risk by investing in multiple “deals” of different types–some debt, some equity.  As deals reach liquidity, cash is distributed to owners.  Our Members bring deals to the table to be evaluated by experts in the relevant industries.  Assuming a positive recommendation to invest comes back, that information is presented to the group, and the Members vote on whether to participate in the deal.

Existing Portfolio

  • OnBoard Tours 8% Preferred equity
  • Common equity in a Las Vegas Internet-based tickets and travel reseller
  • Equity in Crest Consulting, a mobile app developer
  • Procyrion, the developer of a new intra-aortic heart pump
  • Zive, a software platform for converting web apps to desktop
  • Hyatt Place Charlotte, a high-rise hotel in Downtown Charlotte

Current Deals on the Table

We plan to make investments in several industries in the coming months:

  • a business that has developed a bottled coffee beverage with almond milk;
  • a program to purchase existing profitable online businesses and consolidate them;
  • a program to purchase condos or other real estate properties and rent them out on sites like;
  • a startup mobile app for the recruiting industry; and
  • Azaya Pharmaceuticals, which has developed a generic version of a successful cancer drug.

In addition to the above, some of the deals currently on the table are: a new high-tech venture capital fund, a hotel deal to buy small hotels at under-market pricing, the acquisition of an outsourced hotel concierge business, a company that has developed a portable blood testing lab, and several oil & gas and real estate deals.  

Group Determination of Investment Decisions

The Operating Agreement for Ticker Tape Investments provides that any investment decision must be approved by a 2/3 majority of the Members.  That way, no one investor can make decisions without the input of others.  The expectation is that the group will make better investment decisions than any individual on their own might make.  The added benefit of this procedure is that there are no fees associated with the investments.  Typical investment funds charge 20% of all profits generated, plus annual fees of 2% of assets managed.  Our fund will have NO FEES, because the Members will make investment decisions collectively.  One of the key benefits of our approach is that we have Members with diverse experience who will help the group make investment decisions in their particular field.

Benefits of Joining

Virtually everyone we have talked to about the idea has told us that it meets one or more needs for them.  Either they are looking to have access to a team of experts in different fields, or they are looking for access to additional investment opportunities, or they are looking for access to additional capital for deals in which they are investing.  Several Members have expressed that they are interested in having more money invested in the oil & gas and real estate industries, but don’t have access to deals or expertise to evaluate them.

The Group of Experts

So far, we have oil and gas, real estate, medical, pharmaceutical, legal, telecommunications, computer science, research, consumer products, tourism, and transportation/logistics experts on the team.  We continue to look for Members that bring more to the table than just cash.