How to Work with Ticker Tape

15 Mar

How to Work with Ticker Tape

There are lots of ways to work with (and benefit from) Ticker Tape Investments.

The three primary ways are to attend our events, to refer us deals, and to join as a Member.

Attend Live and Online Events

The easiest way is to attend one of our events, either in person or online.  Ticker Tape sponsors and hosts multiple events throughout the year, including networking events and educational presentations.  Recent topics have included “Top 5 Investing Mistakes,” “Due Diligence Tips,” and “Trends in Healthcare Investing.”  These events are announced through email blasts (like this one) and through our Meetup Group (Texas Investor Network).Send Us Referrals

Ticker Tape Members are active investors.  We are all interested in hearing about investment opportunities of all kinds.  Startups, project finance, private equity or venture capital funds, real estate deals (both small and large), oil & gas deals (upstream, midstream and downstream), debt, equity, and other investments are all in our wheelhouse.  In some cases, even if Ticker Tape passes on an opportunity, one of our Members may invest individually, or we can refer the deal to another funding source in our network.  To send us opportunities, email them to

Join Ticker Tape Investments

Until we reach our limit of 35 Members, we’re looking for smart investors to join us. Joining TTI means that you will buy into our existing portfolio, plus you will have the ability to invest additional funds over time as we make additional investments.  The minimum initial investment is $50,000 and the maximum is $250,000. After that, you can invest more in future deals. To learn more about being a Ticker Tape Member, watch this video.



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