Access To Experts

18 Jan

Access To Experts

The most compelling reason to join TTI is to get access to our Members.  We have assembled a diverse

group of experts in different fields, all of whom have investment and business experience.

Among the experts on our team are:

  • A professor of computer science who helped write the code for the first MPEG video player;
  • A doctor and pharmacological researcher with extensive experience in FDA drug trials;
  • A psychiatrist with extensive experience investing in healthcare businesses, including hospitals;
  • Three accomplished real estate investors
  • Three accomplished oil & gas investors
  • Three attorneys
  • Two family office managers
  • A business consultant to Fortune 1000 CEOs
  • An accomplished investor in public securities
  • and more!

As our Membership grows, we expect to broaden and deepen the experience on our team.  Our philosophy is that having this diversity of Members will bring us more deals in more industries, and will create a higher success rate in the investments we make.

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