Our Approach

Ticker Tape is all about teamwork. The ultimate goal is to make investments that generate spectacular returns, but while we get there we want to enjoy the ride. We focus on learning from each other and from our partners. We are confident in investing in new industries and specialties because of the knowledge, wisdom, and experience of our group.

The Travel & Tourism Industry

Ticker Tape has made multiple investments in the travel and tourism industry. We believe this industry is going through a technological transformation that will affect how consumers find and purchase travel.

Exceptional returns

Our strategy of sourcing deals through multiple pipelines and vetting deals as a group increases the likelihood we will generate significant returns.


Technology that is disruptive catches our eye. We have made several high-tech investments.

Access to Everything

We have connections at the highest levels of the banking industry, the legal profession, and all levels of government. It's still about who you know.

Energy and Environment

We are evaluating several investments in energy and environmental tech. We expect to make 2-3 investments in this area.


We have made one investment in the healthcare sector, and we expect to make more in coming months. We believe healthcare is a growth industry, especially with the impending demise of the ACA.